Sayaya Meiori is a high school dropout who always picks fights with people that look at her the wrong way. She acts tough and serious and is very intimidating at first glance, but she is actually very caring and compassionate towards the people she loves. Her family owns a butchery.
♥ Baseball, girls. Meiori loves to be there for people if they are someone she trusts deeply. She is often fighting people tooth and nail just to take revenge on people that have hurt her friends.
♠ Being told what to do.
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New - EX
    VCV multi-expression vb
    Includes falsetto, soft and clear expression
    A3, C4, F4, A4F, C4S, A3C, C4C, F4C
    a R, a in, a ', a・, ・あ, ら', ai R, x la, x あ'


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